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  • How long should it take to complete the ETC online recertification course?
    We expect it to take approximatly 6 hours to fully complete the course, including the knowledge test.
  • How should I prepare for the course?
    It is recommended that you read the latest ETC manual before undertaking the course to ensure that you get maximum benefit.
  • If I have technical issues, what should I do?"
    Try signing out of your account and resetting your cache and cookies, followed by a restart, before logging back in. If this doesn’t solve your issue, then contact us at
  • What computer can I complete the course on?
    Most laptop or desktop computers that can load complex websites and play online video should be fine to run this course.
  • Can this course be done on a tablet or a phone?
    This course can be completed on most modern tablet devices, but you should be aware that when opening a file download link, this may open in the main window (rather than a new window), you then need to navigate back to the course, but it might take you to the start of the lesson again. It is possible to run the course on a smartphone but given the complexity of the course and the need to interpret detailed images, it is not the recommended option.
  • Do I need internet access to complete the course?
    An active internet connection is required as this course is web based and has many video files which stream on demand to your computer.
  • Do I need speakers of headphones?
    This course has many videos of trauma teams in action which all have sound, so being able to listen adds to the learning experience. However, the videos are subtitled in English and for presentations there is a transcript of the narration available to download.
  • I completed the course but haven’t received my certificate, what should I do?"
    If after two working days from completing the course you have not received your certificate, please contact the ETC office on
  • How many hours of CPD should I claim for this course?
    The progress window will show you the actual time you spent completing this course, which should form the basis of your CPD submission. Time spent in preparation reading the ETC manual and any reflection afterwards may also be considered for CPD depending on guidance from your accrediting body.
  • Is this course officially recognised for CPD?
    Yes. The course carries 8 CPD points awarded by the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh.
  • I keep getting logged out of the course when I try to open an attachment. What should I do?
    On some devices attachments, in particular PDFs, open in the same window as the course. If you have an ability to select 'Open in new tab/window' then this should solve the problem. Alternatively try accessing the course from a laptop or desktop computer.
  • Why wont the 'Continue' button work?
    The continue buttons have been included to ensure you complete all interactive materials. If it is not lighting up blue to allow you to continue, have a look in the materials just above and ensure all tasks are completed. This includes watching videos to the end.
  • I have been logged out and now my course will not reload!
    If you are not active in the course for 30 minutes or more you will be automatically logged out. Very occasionally when you try to resume the course it only loads a blank page. If this happens please close the course tab and delete cookies/caches by clearing your history for the last hour. You will need to log back in to CoSy, but this time the course should reload when you click 'Resume'. We consider the above issue a significant failing, so please let the office know, even if it is no longer a problem:
  • Do I have to complete the course in one sitting?
    No. You can log out of the course anytime. When you return the course will open at the start of the chapter you are on.
  • How long is my recertification course valid for?
    Period of validity: Online recertification course: 3 years Face to face ETC: 5 years Upon successful competion of the online recertification course test you will be provided with an updated ETC Provider certificate. This will be valid for 3 years from your original Provider expiry date. For example, if your original face to face course was 01/06/2015, your Provider status would be valid to 01/06/2020. If you took the recertification course on 01/04/2020 your 3 year extention would be added to the original expiry date, and your Provider status would now be valid to 01/06/2023. If your provider status had expired prior to completing the course please contact the ETCO Office for guidance:
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