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European Trauma Course

For trauma training  Not for Profit

Bringing world class trauma training to your local health education provider.

MDT based training

Every ETC reflects the multidisciplinary team available in local practice. 

High faculty to participant ratio

Our candidate to faculty ratio ensures each participant gets the attention they need. 

85% scenario based

Focused on practicle learning through simulation and scenario training .

The ETC course brings together all specialities regularly engaged in the initial reception of major trauma patients, to learn and teach together as a team. Our course includes the technical and non technical skills required to optimise care of this group of patients. More info

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The ETC was developed in response to the need for a multidisciplinary team focused trauma course for senior clinical staff. Through collaboration of the ESAIC, ERC, ESTES and EuSEM, the European Trauma Course Organisation (ETCO) was formed. We ran our first ETC course in Malta in 2002.

ETC is provided by hospitals, training providers and resuscitation councils in over 20 countries. By working together we are able to provide the core components of the course, with the ability to adapt to local practice. This way we know your course will be both applicable to you local healthcare system and adhere to the high standards associated with ETC. 

Why choose ETC? 

ETC courses are run in over 20 countries, brining together all that is good practice in trauma care, and allowing for local variation to provide training relevant to your practice. 

Course Locations



Taught in Europe, North Africa and South America, in 4 languages, ETC welcomes candidates from across the globe.

All our faculty are clinicians regularly engaged in trauma care. 

Our course teaches technical and non technical skills in a team environment to reflect situations you will be faced with in real life. 

Supported by leading European Societies:

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